Timur Tankayev

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I am currently a PhD candidate in Operations Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Before coming to Georgia Tech, I have obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Oxford.

I am broadly interested in utilizing and developing OR techniques for practical applications. Throughout my PhD, I have worked on a wide variety of topics. In an academic setting, I engaged in research on epidemiology, and ranking and selection. In a more industrial context, I developed solutions for ecommerce and routing.


Journal Publications

  • Practical risk modeling for the stochastic technician routing and scheduling problem.

    Luke Marshall and Timur Tankayev

    In preparation

  • A contagion measure provably superior to the reproduction number: theory and a case study of the Yemen cholera epidemic.

    Timur Tankayev and Craig Tovey

    Submitted to Operations Research

  • Optimal solution to the multinomial selection problem for two alternatives.

    Timur Tankayev and Craig Tovey

    Sequential Analysis 36, no. 3 (2017): 415-432.


  • Models and Algorithms for Distributed Order Management.

    Yaron Fairstein, Michael Berezansky, Luke Marshall, Ishai Menache, Seffi Naor, Ola Svensson and Timur Tankayev

    MAPSP 2019

  • Optimal Solution to the Multinomial Selection Problem for Two Alternatives.

    Timur Tankayev and Craig Tovey

    INFORMS Annual Meeting, Houston 2017

  • Worst-Case Properties of the Slippage Configuration in Multinomial Selection.

    Timur Tankayev and Craig Tovey

    The Fifth International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies 2015

Teaching Experience

ISYE 3133 Engineering Optimization

Graduate Student Instructor, Georgia Tech

Cotaught with Dr. Dey, Dr. Boland, and Dr. Strickland

I taught two sections per semester of about 30 students each. I held weekly problem solving session focused on linear and integer programming. I also helped to develop course material aimed at introducing students to optimization software and modelling interfaces.

Fall 2019, Spring 2019, Fall 2018

ISYE 6650 Probabilistic Models

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Georgia Tech

Teaching assistant for Prof. Sigrun Andradottir.

I graded homework and helped with some content. I also covered a lecture on Continuous Time Markov Chains.

Fall 2015


Georgia Institute of Technology

PhD in Operations Research
August 2014 - present

University of Oxford

Bachelor's and Master's (MMath) in Mathematics
Oct 2009 - Jun 2013

Work Experience

Research Intern

Microsoft Research

I worked with Luke Marshall to come up with practical approaches for integrating risk calculations into technician routing and scheduling. We developed efficient algorithmic methodology to tackle the variant of the problem with hard time windows and time-dependet travel times. The paper is in the final stage of revision. The code and isntances are available here:

May 2019 - July 2019

Research Intern

Microsoft Research

I worked with Ishai Menache on the problem of distributed order management. Along with other collaborators, we developed asymptotically optimal approximation algorithms for variants of the problem.

I also designed more practical heuristics for use by Dynamics 365. This aspect of the project has been integrated into October 2018 release. It was presented during Microsoft Ignite. Relevant parts of the presentation are here:

May 2018 - Aug 2018